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Tips on How to Choose a Diamond Engagement Rings

The preference for diamond engagement rings will always be on the high. Their financial status notwithstanding, they want to give the best. In this case it is the diamond ring. These are some of the tips you need to look out for to help you pick a diamond engagement ring.

Diamonds come in several shapes. Whatever shape you can imagine exists. You can find a pear, rectangular, circular, heart or even oval, they are many as they come. This is a good standing because different women have an attraction towards different shapes. You should be on the lookout for the shapes that your partner tends to like the most.This means that you should look out for the shape your partner likes most. If you are not sure of what they like then get them the classic ones, like the round and princess shapes.Avoid trendy shapes as they tend to go out of fashion after some period of time.

Diamond cut
You have to consider the cut of the diamond as it determines the sparkle.A poor cut will still look dull with poor clarity and color. The type of cut you choose will depend on your budget. Go for the highest cut your budget can allow. The higher the cut the more light passed hence more fire, sparkle and brilliance.
The clarity of the diamond

Clarity is the assessment of small surfaces included in the diamond. Diamonds with fewer additives are costlier. This implies that when you are on a tight budget and would like to have a save, while still going big on the ring, then go for the ring with less clarity. You can work with a jeweler to help settle on a ring that will not show much of the imperfections. You also do not have to worry too much as most of the inclusions are microscopic hence do not affect the beauty of the ring.

Diamond Carat
Diamond carat is the easiest factor to misunderstanding among them all.The carat of the diamond has been the most understood factor among them all. Most people confuse it with the size when in a real sense it’s the weight. You should not be tensed about it tough as you can still get a decent ring with less carat. You can save more when you get it right on shape and cut. Most of the others do not matter because as long as the cut and shape are on point, a small ring will still look great.

Even in as much as it is widely known that you have to break a bank to get your partner the diamond ring, it seems it might not be correct You can still pull that beautiful ring for your engagement on a tight budget.You just need to be keen when working on the shape, cut, clarity and shape. Also work with a jeweler when making your pick.

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