Innovative Credit Card Options with Online Banking

Online banking has revolutionised the finance industry, and if you have yet to apply for online banking facilities, you are missing out on many time saving applications that enable you to manage all your finances with your mobile device. Credit card management is just one area that you can benefit from, with balance transfer programs that save on costs, and if you had never considered online banking, here are just a few benefits it offers credit card holders.

Online Balance Transfer

It is now possible to transfer money from another bank to top up your credit card balance, which helps you to avoid high costs, as you will have no processing fees or handling charges. It is also to set monthly repayments and have funds automatically transferred on specified dates, which makes life a whole lot easier. These facilities do come with terms and conditions, and in order to qualify, you must be using the online banking facilities, and with so many benefits, it makes sense to join the many others who are currently enjoying online banking. If you wish to apply for abalance transfer credit card in Malaysia to easily manage credit balance, the major banks offer this package, and details can be found on their website.

Freedom and Flexibility

There are many benefits to reap from new packages, and one is that you can transfer up to 80% of your total credit line, and this enables you to move funds around and avoid excessive charges. Banking has radically changed since the digital revolution, and rather than encountering many hidden charges, the flexibility and transparent system allows the cardholder to transfer at will and top of card balances without incurring charges.

Length of Tenure

A balance transfer tenure would typically last for either 6 or 12 months, whichever the customer prefers, and during this time, it is possible to make significant savings with credit card costs, by transferring funds to improve the card balance before you incur charges. From a customer’s perspective, it makes sense to be able to move money and increase the card balance, and this can now be done without incurring extra charges. Signing up for such a package is ideal for the busy business person, and it offers a way to avoid excessive fees, and that must be welcome by everyone.

Big Savings

Using this system, it is possible to save as much as RM500 per month, with reduced or non-existent fees that are avoided. Unfortunately, this service is only available to online banking clients, and if you have yet to register, it is totally free and you can apply via your bank’s website, or pop into your local branch. This is just one of many benefits enjoyed by online banking customers, and if you ask your bank for details, they will be happy to educate you regarding online banking and its benefits.

Malaysia is one of the leading countries in South East Asia regarding online banking facilities, and most of the major banks offer online facilities, and with credit card balance transfer packages, you finally have total control over your money management.

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