Delicious Finger Foods in Jakarta Part 1

While you are visiting Jakarta, most of you go to this city for shopping in certain places because this city offers you cheaper price than the other cities. Well, it doesn’t matter if you go to this city for shopping, but you also can consider to getting culinary here. You should know that there are thousands of culinary options for you that you can taste based on what you like. Nowadays, going for culinary is one kind of daily necessary with notice the foods should have a unique appearance which we can say as photogenic that you can post in your social media. If you want to have such as this photogenic food, you should taste the finger foods in Jakarta part 1.

If you want to taste the photogenic foods, you can consider these delicious finger foods in Jakarta part 1 that will accompany you while shopping in Jakarta. The chosen foods for you are:

  1. Martabak Boss. Martabak is one of the famous street foods which are available in many places wherever you go. You can find it in two options, the savory and sweet one. There are many toppings that you can take such as butter, sugar, peanuts, chocolate and also cheese. If you are doubt to take what kind of sweet toppings that you want, you can choose the Martabak Pizza which contains all of the toppings in one. For the savory one, you will get the flatbread stuffed with eggs, spring onions, meat, and chicken. The newest trend for sweet one is tasty black, purple, green and red one, for the savory one is melting Martabak Cheese series on the top of it.
  2. Pempek BMI. Actually, pempek is Palembang’s signature dish but every region has its own uniqueness, as well as in this place does. As usual, this dish is made from the combination of tenggiri fish and tapioca flour. In this place, you will meet pempek with different touches of usual. If you usually eat pempek stuffed with a boil egg or dried shrimps, in this place you can find the pempek stuffed with nutella or mozzarella.
  3. Roti Bakar 543 Serpong. If you are looking for the all kinds of fresh toasts, you can go to this place. It provides you a fresh from the oven toast every day. There are some favorite menus that you can buy such as Monster Toast, Green Tea Cheese Toast, Pizza Toast, Pizza Mie, and many more.
  4. McDonald’s. If you are shopping in Sarinah Department Store in Thamrin, you should visit McDonald’s on that mall which can gives you a slice of delicious apple pie that you can ignore them away. Or you can go buy for sundae cones with strawberry dip to chill your temperature down.

It is all 4 delicious finger foods in Jakarta part 1 that you can try. You just have to pick the places that have the same route as your shopping place to ensure that you can taste them.

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