Best Jersey Maker for Your Custom Basketball Jerseys

With the tight competition, particularly in term of jobs, there are a lot of us who forget about our health. To be able to present the best performance to our employers we tend to work all the time without paying attention to what we eat or how we should maintain our physical fitness. The huge amount of junk foods available combined with lack of physical activities due to lack of free time will eventually reduce our health. It will also cause obesity, which increase the risk of getting bad health condition. To avoid such a thing from happening to their employees, many offices and companies provides regular sport activities, including basketball to their employees. Some offices even create internal basketball tournament to boost the physical activity level of their employees. Custom basketball jerseys are needed to differentiate each teams. If you are currently planning to create custom jerseys for your basketball team and reside near Tsuen Wan area, Hong Kong, can be the best solution.

Providing various shirt printing service, is definitely a recommended jersey maker for your custom basketball jerseys. They provide two types of material for the fabric. The first is hivetex. This fabric has hexagonal pores which enhance its sweat absorption. This is definitely a good fabric for sweaty sports. The next is microfiber. Combining spandex, polyester, and nylon, this fabric offers a soft, stretchy, breathable, and porous characters. Hivetex material costs 173 HKD while microfiber cost 158 HKD. The jerseys are available in O-neck and V-neck model. You can choose among XS to 5XL, with kids, female, and male option. The production takes approximately 3 to 5 business days for Rubber and NeoPigment printing. There might be a color different as the color in computer monitor is shown differently from the actual product.

After you decide to make an order in, simply visit their official website and order from there. The official website has a simulator where you can create your own design or you can simply upload your existing design. Make sure the uploaded design is in png or jpg with RGB color format and 150 dpi resolution to get the optimum printing result. Read the payment details carefully and make a payment as soon as you can. The faster you pay, the earlier your order will be processed. This basketball jersey maker provides delivery service to their customers, especially for bulk order.